Korean Society of Critical Care Medicine (KSCCM) will hold the 40th KSCCM Annual Congress · Acute and Critical Care Conference 2020 at the in Grand Walkerhill Hotel, July 31 and August 1, 2020. Authors are encouraged to submit an abstract for presentation at the conference before

- Call for Abstracts (Overseas) January 1, 2020
- Call for Abstracts (Domestic) February 1, 2020

Please read the following instructions for abstract submission.

The deadline for abstract submission is

- Call for Abstracts (Overseas) January 1, 2020

- Call for Abstracts (Domestic) February 1, 2020

Instructions for abstract submission.

  1. Submission: Abstracts should be written in English, following the below guidelines, and submitted online at http://2020.accc.or.kr
  2. Presentation format: Oral or Poster
  3. Guidelines for abstracts
    1. The title should not exceed 100 letters (100 byte)
    2. The abstract should be structured with the headings of background, methods, results and conclusion, with each beginning a new paragraph.
    3. The abstract should not exceed 2,000 characters including spaces with a maximum of 2 references.
    4. The full name of author(s) should be written (ex, Kil Dong Hong)
    5. A case report should be structured with the headings of introduction, case presentation and conclusion, and should not exceed 1,000 characters including spaces.
    6. Two figure and/or table files can be attached in *.gif or *.jpg format Each file should not exceed 400 bytes or 200 characters.
    7. If the number of characters exceed above limit, any extra characters (bytes) will be deleted automatically. Please make sure that you must check the number of characters in your abstract while entering the abstract and use the preview function to check the entire abstract before submission.
    8. After submitting your abstract, check the status using the menu 'Abstract registration status.' (The revision of submitted abstracts will be accepted by the submission deadline)
    9. Seven minutes are allocated for oral presentation, 3 minutes for discussion.
    10. Presentation slides should be prepared as MS Power Point file, and speakers are requested to use a beam projector.
    11. Speakers are requested to register before the early bird registration deadline.
    12. Once an abstract is accepted for presentation, the author will be notified via email of information about presentation icluding date, time, and place.
    13. The presentation format of submitted abstract may be modified by the reviewers of KSCCM.
      Checking the review results is therefore necessary to prepare a presentation.

Guidelines for the Oral/Poster Presentation

Oral Presentation

  1. Guidelines for the Oral Presentation
    1. The allotted time: 10 min. Please keep the time strictly.
    2. All oral speakers should come up to “Preview Room” at least 1 hour before their presentations to upload and check their PPT files. It is not allowed to use own computer.
    3. Presentation Slides must be saved in Power Point, Adobe Acrobat.
    4. Video files must be saved in Windows Media.

Poster presentation

  1. Guidelines for the Poster Presentation

    1. Poster Size: Wide 90cm × Height 150 cm
    2. You can use tape to fix poster on the board, not pinned.
    3. Please prepare other items you need including the pointer.
  2. Information

    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.
    Congress Secretariat (Tel:+82-2-2077-1533, E-mail:ksccm@ksccm.org)